Born (1987) and raised in Izmir, Selcuk Danyildiz enrolled (2006) into Photography Studies as the top candidate to enter Dokuz Eylul Fine Arts Faculty that year. During his school years he took part in numerous mixed exhibitions .

In 2011, Selcuk already had his mind set on a fashion career, when he chose to focus his graduation project on fashion photography. In 2012, he moved to Istanbul to work as a full time assistant for 3 and a half years where he had vast experience in lighting and digital process. His time assisting and as well as his lead role in the post-production team has served him well in experience, developed his work ethic.

As of mid 2015, Selcuk has now began his career as a freelance fashion photographer. His clean technique is said to tell an elaborate story simply. Combined with his enthusiasm and self-discipline Selcuk has been caught under the industry’s radar as a promising fresh addition to Istanbul’s fashion scene.

And his work currently being published in Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, Marie Claire and Xoxo Magazine’s.